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For Your Face

Prescription Facials Using Natural Elements 100% Organic Products

Focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin and enhancing its appearance, all of our facials include:

While the mask is taking effect, enjoy an oriental head or hand massage, followed by specific moisturising skin protection.


For dry, dehydrated, flaky skin requiring hydration and moisture. An excellent regenerating boost for normal and dry & dehydrated skin.

1 hour £ 42.50


Ideal for oily, congested or problematic skin. This facial uses organic products to target problem areas.

1 hour £ 42.50


Fantastic for banishing fine lines and wrinkles. Luxury facial oils penetrate the lower dermis with major effects, other ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and amino acids.

1 hr 10 mins £ 42.50


For the most sensitive skins and those prone to allergies. Fragrance free & hypo-allergenic, deep cleansing and calming.

1 hour £ 42.50

John Masters Luxury Facials

Our facials are the ultimate pampering experience! We use only the purest organic products & therapeutic massage techniques. Our cosy candlelit rooms, heated beds, soft towels, relaxing music & aromas will truly relax & pamper you.

Using the delicious John Masters Organics range, our facials are customised to your specific skin type. Treatments include cleanse, exfoliation, facial steaming, scalp, neck & shoulder massage & a relaxing hand & arm or foot massage whilst you relax with a customised organic face mask. Pure bliss!

  • Purifying - Green tea for combination skin.
  • Boosting - Rose and ginseng for dry & polluted skin
  • Re-Hydrating - Mandarin & calendula for extremely dry or jetlagged skin
  • Anti-ageing - Vitamin C, Pomegranate oil & Sea Algae for reducing the appearance of wrinkles,
    crows feet & premature ageing
  • Oil balancing - Bear Berry and Willow Bark for oily skin, soothes & balances equilibrium and helps to reduce oil production

1 hour 15 mins £45.50