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Pedicure only £ 28.50
Pedicure with enamel £ 33.50
Natural Elements Deluxe* £ 36.95

* Pedicure including massage & luxury heated booties. Our deluxe pedicure uses organic moisturising oils and is ideal to give your feet the ultimate pampering and to ensure that your feet are perfectly relaxed and destressed.

First, we soak your feet using an anti-microbial foot soak (lemongrass, tea-tree, witch hazel & peppermint) and then we gently exfoliate to smooth away any dry rough skin using a foot scrub (spearmint & peppermint). Finally, a gentle massage with foot cream (geranium & lavender) for the ultimate in relaxation.

Thai Foot & Leg Massage

Incorporates elements of shiatsu and reflexology. All parts of the lower legs, feet and hands are massaged. Carried out either lying down on a couch or seated in a massage chair.

The benefits of a Thai Foot Massage

  • Improved circulation and toxin removal
  • Stimulated lymphatic drainage & immune system boost
  • Reduced stiffness & improved flexibility
  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Clarity of mind

45 mins £30.00