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Hair colour / highlights

We are able to offer the most up to date colouring techniques using gentle alternatives to the harsh chemicals more commonly used.

We can colour your hair without

We can colour your hair using

Most permanent hair colourants rely on suspending the hair in volatile ammonia or other harsh ( often petrochemical-derived ) chemicals, damaging the hair and possibly the scalp.

The colour we use suspends the hair in a substance that is not volatile and acts as a moisturiser. the result is more vibrant longer lasting colour especially when colouring grey hair.

The hair is shiny after the first treatment and highlights and blondes are more natural. We can take hair lighter because the lighteners we use don't cause the same damage as conventional bleach.

The Blonde revolution

At last shiny healthy looking blonde hair

- No ammonia
- No parabens
- No p.p.d
- No toxic fumes
- No hair breakage

Exciting new lightening products revolutionise salon lightening, enabling us to achieve anything from subtle sunlights to stunning platinum shades. All this is now possible without the usual damaging effects to hair and health. The main ingredient in the lightener is actually used in food production.

This product allows us to take hair lighter than traditional bleach because it is much less damaging. (less risk of hair breakage / drying)

At last shiny healthy looking blonde hair!