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Hair straightening

The blow dry that lasts two to four months!

We have just introduced a revolutionary new hair straightening treatment from organic systems. Most strengthening systems used in salons are based on harsh chemicals such as ammonia, and thioglycolates, A new "Brazilian straightener" even contains high levels of formaldehyde a well-known carcinogen (EWG 27/01/08) The organic systems streightener we use is based on cystemine HCL, which is a far gentler ingredient.

This works between pH 4.5 and 6.5 so the hair is not only straightened but left shiny and undamaged by the process. This straightening system is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair.



Cheat Your Way to Curls

Body and Wave With Organic Curl Systems Perm - As Worn By Neve Campbell! Ammonia-free treatment leaves hair soft and healthy.

The perm is back! A key trend is soft curls, full of volume and movement, which should look natural and in excellent condition. The new formulas and techniques are a girl's best friend for root lift and volume as much as for curls, with options including:

WEAVE WIND - gives a kick rather than actual waves/curls.

ROOT LIFT - by covering the ends and just lifting the roots, this is amazing for flat or fine hair because it doesn't looked curled or waved at all, it just gives lift and hold. If your hair has no body and is difficult to style because it won't hold volume this is a great option.

PERM - While old-fashioned small perm rollers are .5cm, salons can now use up to a 2.5cm molton brown bendy roller, which is massive in comparison! This ensures a large curl or wave which can still be straightened using irons if you want a change.

Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary perming product, which is completely free from ammonia and thioglycolates. Instead, it contains Cysteamin HCL, a far gentler ingredient. The neutraliser system contains plant amino acids, which soothe and condition the scalp. The hair is left with a natural feel and shine. Organic Curl Systems leaves the hair around its natural pH level, so it is undamaged by the perming process. Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair.

The ingredients contained in Organic Curl Systems have been carefully selected to create a product which is as natural as possible, while doing the job it is intended for. The neutraliser is rich in wheat and soy protein, which are natural hair conditioners and moisturisers. The wheat protein also increases protein levels and strengthens the hair.

Gorgeous star Neve Campbell got her sexy new look courtesy of the organic perm at Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty in London.